Dongpeng's (东鹏) 900x1800 Series is unlike any other !

Reimagine Grandeur: Introducing Dongpeng's 900x1800 Sintered Stone Series

The world of design is constantly evolving, pushing boundaries and seeking innovative solutions. Here at Dongpeng, we're proud to unveil our revolutionary 900x1800 Sintered Stone Series, a collection that redefines what's possible for your home or commercial space.

Sintered stone represents a significant leap forward from traditional porcelain tiles. Through a revolutionary manufacturing process, these slabs achieve unparalleled strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Bigger and Bolder:

Unlike conventional porcelain tiles, the 900x1800 format of our sintered stone series offers a truly breathtaking canvas for your design dreams. Imagine seamless walls and expansive floors, creating a sense of unparalleled grandeur and minimalist elegance.

Long-Lasting Beauty:

Engineered for exceptional resilience, Dongpeng's sintered stone surpasses even the most durable porcelain tiles. It boasts superior resistance to:

  • Scratches and abrasions
  • Stains and chemicals
  • Heat and temperature fluctuations

This enduring beauty ensures your investment in sintered stone remains immaculate for years to come.

Beyond Practicality:

While the functionality of our sintered stone is undeniable, its true beauty lies in its versatility. Available in a stunning array of:

  • Colors: From classic marble veins to contemporary solid hues, find the perfect match for your design vision.
  • Finishes: Choose from a luxurious polished surface or a more textured matte finish to create a unique ambiance.

The Dongpeng Advantage:

For decades, Dongpeng has been a leader in crafting high-quality porcelain tiles. With the introduction of our sintered stone series, we continue to push the boundaries of design and innovation.

Here's what sets Dongpeng's sintered stone apart:

  • Unwavering commitment to quality: We utilize cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control to ensure exceptional performance.
  • Unmatched selection: Discover a diverse range of designs and finishes to personalize your space.
  • Expert support: Our team of design professionals is here to guide you every step of the way.

Embrace the future of design with Dongpeng's 900x1800 Sintered Stone Series. Visit a Dongpeng showroom today and explore the endless possibilities!